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Our dentists and team offer comfortable root canals in Longview, Texas. Modern technology and new techniques have made root canals easier and more comfortable than ever. Dr. Scott Roberts and Dr. Raymond Nope are confident that your root canal treatment in Longview, Texas, can be free from discomfort. Schedule your appointment at Forest Square Dental by calling our office at 903-758-3722.

A word from our doctors about root canals:
“So many times, we treat wonderful patients who have a real fear any time the dreaded words “root canal” are even mentioned. We know and understand that for many people, those fears are real. In the past, root canal therapy was often a very painful experience. 

“But there is GOOD NEWS… with the modern techniques and technology we use, painful root canals are simply a thing of the past. Most of our patients are amazed at how quick and pain-free their root canal therapy is. So many times, I hear things like, ‘I wish I would have come in sooner…I don’t know why I was so worried!’ Please don’t let fear or worry keep you from having the pain-free health you deserve. We can help you today!”

    — Raymond Nope, DDS